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Bet tracker

So, now we at betegy are developing a new tool called “Betting management system” (code name). The idea came to us few month ago when we thought how we can improve the process of betting.

We found a gap between selecting the bets and placing the bets. Everyone who takes it serious will use some variation of Excel table to plan stakes and track the results.

We thought that we can improve the process and create a tool which will easy life of bettors:

  • it will be in a cloud;
  • it will upload all the games, bets, odds automatically
  • it will allow to see probabilities of the whole set of bets
  • it will have different tools to help define stakes (Kelly’s method, flat stakes, values, etc)
  • it will show you all the past performance with advanced analytical tools
  • in future it can also derive suggestions based on the previous results
  • live score, notifications, and good design are by default

Here are early design mockups:

We plan to have beta live in 7-10 days.

Resources For IT Entrepreneurs

Few days ago, I met the IT community in my hometown. Naturally, during the talk I was referring to few books I highly recommend. So, everyone asked to make a short list of must read things. I prepared one. Here it is.


– Ask Jay (
Very good introduction to startups and venture deals
– “Signal vs. Noise” (
From creators of Basecamp (we use it very much at BETEGY). About the general wisdom in IT business. They cover many topic including business, development, marketing, processes, management.
– The Angel VC (
Blog of Christoph Janz from Point Nine Capital. He writes about startups, SaaS and early-stage investing. He gives lots of templates, examples, advices especially for SaaS business. All practical. All highly usable. No bullshit.
– Andreessen Horowitz VC – Ben’s Blog (
Blog about management in IT. Interesting but requires some experience in the business to follow.

– “Getting Things Done” & “Rework” & “Remote” (
Highly recommended. From creators of Basecamp.
– “Lean Startup” (
How to make startup successful.
– “The 4-Hour Work Week” (
How to make your live efficient and more productive.
– “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson (
No comments. Very interesting.
– “Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist” (
To read to understand how venture deals work, what to negotiate, what is important, how VC firm work. Very useful when looking for the money for the startup.

How Funding Works (if everything goes fine)

Here is what I found recently. It gives very good overview on start-up funding. Check the original source for a good explanation and overview.


New great book: “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”

He guys,

Just wanted to share this book with you. I think it gives answers on many business and personal questions.

Start with why


After reading it I keep asking myself WHY:

– Why I came to work today?

– Why I started a company?

– Why our company does what it does?

Looks like it is a universal way to success. Let’s give it it a try. Watch this author video to be inspired to read the book.



BETEGY Explained

We at BETEGY preparing the set of tutorial videos on how to use our predictions and tips. Here is the first one:

Some cool pics

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My Audio Books

Here is the audiobooks I ‘red’ recently. Some of them are on Russian and some on English All good, but few were just awesome: “Lean Startup” and “Atlas shrugged”.

itunes with books

The Formula of Happiness

It is very simple and always works.



🙂 if result is > 0, then you are happy

😐 if result is = 0, then you feel indifference

😦 if result is < 0, then you are disappointed


=> if you want to be happy, you need to:

– have higher results

– lower expectations


* notes:

– it is not a mathematical formula

– it is partly apply for long-lasting happiness 

– the idea is not mine (I heard it on some seminar many years ago)


Made my evening – Shakhtar & iMac

1) I was surprised with victory of Shakhtar in tonight’s game with Chelsea. Let’s see how it goes in next match in London, but tonight … good job GUYS!

2) I was just amazed by the look of the new iMac. It is so so good. Just look at it. Pure beauty.