“Ask Jay” – recommend to all who start the company or seeking investment

by Alex

This spring I’ve been looking for the investment for the BETEGY. One of the options was venture capital funding. The subject is so specific that I started to look for the literature and some tutorials about this topic [I am so surprised they don’t teach this at school].  I found 2 very good sources:

1) Book “Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist”. It contains everything you should know about this topic. Instead of reading it, I downloaded the audiobook from Audible (BTW they have 30days free trial). However, I recommend to read the book, not listen.


2) Ask Jay show. It gives you a lot of information about starting the company, funding, running the company, marketing and many more information. Easy to watch when cooking. All advices are quite valuable and up-to-date. You can find them on Youtube or at Revision3. Here is few of them:




PS. I heard about the book from this shows.