Me and Music – My Pop Star Career

by Alex

Not a lot of people know that 5-6 years ago I was closely involved in music.

Back in 2003 three of us created boys band – “Друге Дихання”

Since then we created some songs, took part in various concerts and festivals and just spent fucking good time composing and writing the music in Art-Master Studio.

Actualy, I still play the guitar and write some songs and music. This one I did some time ago using just my Mac:

Alex Kornilov – Some Music  [click to listen]

However, only one person out of 3 left in music business. It is my friend Pavel Drach. One of the most talented people I’ve ever met. Now he runs music studio in Kiev – Art-Brilliance.

Here you have some photos from concerts and some songs that we did. Enjoy.

Songs: Nas ne ma   Vstavaj   [click to listen]

And some pics.