Bright Telecom. My Second Venture.

by Alex

Back in 2007 I was ambitious young boy and one day I decided to take part  in TV show called “Business Sharks”. It was very spontaneous decision.   TV channel replayed on my application in 3 month, so I already have forgotten about it.  And it was funny to make business plan overnight. 🙂

The idea of the show is simple. You come on the program with your idea of business, present it to 5 famous investors and they decide invest or not invest in your project. I came up with idea to create a project which will provide free Internet access though Wi-Fi. For that people will watch some cool ads. I planed to start from Kiev and set 100 hotspots throughout the city in universities, cafes, airports, etc. Very simple idea.

I came on the show early in the morning, but my time came only at 8 p.m. I saw how many projects were abandoned. Actually, investors accepted only 1-2 out of 10. So, I’ve been nervous a lot. Somehow (I do not now how) I make them listen to me and in the end one of investors proposed me a deal with investment of 80.000 EUR.  It was just unbelievable! I was really really surprised.

The funny thing is that I did not have money to by ticket for bus to get back to dorm, ‘cos I spent last penny on folder for business plan. So this night I walked to my dorm and we (me and my friends) have been drinking all night.

In few month the company was established and I started to work on the project.  It was amazing. I got full support from investor (UCapital Partners – development company) in all related fields.

I came up with the name – “Bright Telecom”. My friend-designer created a logo.

Unfortunately, with some time recession came and my investor could not support me anymore, cos’ they had very hard times. So, I sold the company to some other company and that was it. Pity.

But it was nice time of my life and learned a lot and had fantastic time running the project.

After that I started my next venture in fast food this time, but I will tell about it later.