Goteborg in Sweden (part 2) – Street views

by Alex

Here is what you can find on the streets of Goteborg. This pictures perfectly accomplish my mood now together with my music (Bliss). Something warm and cozy like cup of tee in Swedish park during autumn.

No war!

Someone with fish in a hand 🙂 It is a fountain actually. 

Bike nation -old school.

Brilliant ads on the main street. And BTW After Work is the best thing during the week. I only see this thing in Sweden. So, every Friday, almost every cafe and some restaurants invite you for After Work starting around 5. You pay only for drinks and all food in buffet is for free. The best solution for Fridays. I wish it here in Warsaw (where I am now). 

Another type of ad board.

Local cafes here know how to attract clients.

As well as shops.

Isn’t it gorgeous?


I have one more set of pics from Goteborg, but they will be soon. And have a good working week everyone.