One-page websites

by Alex

Imagine you want to get more information about service or product. The easiest solution is to visit website of the company. But it is always nice when every product has a separated website and it is natural when such website has a “one-page design” style.

  • Firstly, people do not get lost on such sites and do not waste time in finding the right tab in a menu for the needed product. It is just here.
  • Secondly, it is much exiting to look on one-page sites. Usually every product has its unique design and packaging. Website shouldn’t be the exception. Special design is for special product.
  • Thirdly, it is easy and quick to create one-page sites. Mostly, all emphasis goes to graphical design, not technical features or sophisticated code. So, it takes less time and efforts for sure.

Yesterday I’ve been planning layout and design of webpage for our new “iAmHere” application. Definitely it will be one-page site and I tried to find some well-tailored works for design inspiration.  Here I have some to share:

1)       “thinkgreenmeeting” – beautifully designed site with interesting idea behind, pleasant colors and a lot of relevant content.

2)      “Beercamp at SXSW 2011” – event page with all needed information and genius scrolling feature. Try it.

3)      “Enzo Livolti” – so simple and so good.

4)      “ThisPlaceIsaZoo” – iOS app website with colorful illustrations and interesting background image.