TGI Friday’s Post

by Alex

It is really hard to feel all happiness of Friday when you have classes during Saturday and Sunday.

But anyway, this week was quite productive.

Firstly, I had a birthday and receive unexpected amount of greetings and wishes and warm words. So, on Monday and Tuesday I’ve been busy reading them. I still haven’t respond personally to any of them, but I promise I will. At least I want to. I guess it would be done tonight.

Secondly, at itee.labs we are few steps from receiving project from big publishing house in Poland (details latter on). On next week we suppose to have meeting with them and we are getting things done for this event. Additionally, we started in-house development of our ‘solutions booklet’. We have finished the text and now designer puts his hands on layout and colors. When it would be finished, many publishing houses and companies in Europe will receive it in hard copy together with my business card. I hope, it gonna work.

Thirdly, I continue work on my thesis. Tomorrow, I have a meeting with diploma supervisor, and I need to deliver astonishing results.

Lastly, yesterday our land lady came to our place to renegotiate conditions of our rental agreement, so yesterday we had express home cleaning. It was rather fun. And in 1,5 hours everything was clean and tidy.

Other news.

– Barak Obama came to Warszawa (so, they closed a lot of streets and talk about it all day though)

– It’s getting hotter and hotter outside

– I’ve found TGI Friday’s in Warsaw. Want to go there. (‘TGI Friday’s’ stands for ‘Thanks God Its Friday’s)